This chapter of the bibliography contains 526 pages with over 4350 references on the geology of areas surrounding Indonesia (not counting North Borneo, Papua New Guinea and SE Asia Regional).

The reason for including these titles is that the regional geology of Indonesia can not be properly understood without some knowledge of the geology across its borders. The geology of Sumatra has common elements with that of the Malay Peninsula and the Andaman Sea, the West Natuna area with the Malay basin, Kalimantan with North Borneo, North Borneo, North Sulawesi and North Moluccas with the Philippines, Eastern Indonesia islands and West Papua with Papua New Guinea, the Arafura Sea- S Timor- Timor Sea with the Australian NW Shelf, etc.

These areas will be discussed in more detail in a future update of this project.

The Circum- Indonesia bibliography chapter is subdivided into twelve areas:

  1. IX.1. Andaman Sea
  2. IX.2. Malay Peninsula, Singapore
  3. IX.3. Thailand
  4. IX.4. Myanmar (Burma), NE India, SW Yunnan (= Sibumasu-West Burma plates)
  5. IX.5. Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, SE China (=Indonchina Plate)
  6. IX.6. Malay Basin, Gulf of Thailand
  7. IX.7. South China Sea
  8. IX.8. Philippines (General, Palawan, Luzon)
  9. IX.9. South Philippines (Celebes Sea, Sulu Sea, Sandakan)
  10. IX.10. SW Pacific, New Zealand.
  11. IX.14, 15. Australia NW margin/ NE Indian Ocean
  12. IX.16. NE Australia margin ('Tasmanides')

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